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I help organizations and individuals with customized learning solutions.


I'm a learning professional with a decade of experience applying the science of learning. 


If you are an organization with learning and development needs, I look forward to hearing from you and creating a custom solution that meets your needs. 

    Ten years ago, I co-founded a research and development company in applied cognitive science. We partnered with more than a dozen schools and clinics across the US and abroad, offering a proprietary methodology for optimizing cognition, primarily for educators and clinicians to deliver to school-age learners. In order to scale while ensuring the effectiveness of our methods, I designed and delivered a comprehensive 40-hour blended learning training for educators and clinicians. Some highlights of my experience include: - Developed proprietary methods for optimizing cognition - Designed, delivered and oversaw the quality of delivery of trainings and services in the US and abroad - Co-developed a proprietary iOS App and Online Platform to support the quality and scaling of our methods - Authored and created several courses on the Science of Learning (for educators, professionals, and students), which included authoring and voice recording for a series of animated learning videos, overseeing a small team of animators, authoring lessons on misunderstood learning science topics, and developing engaging methods for facilitating and assessing learning
    - Consulting on learning and development department needs - Conducting needs assessments - Identifying appropriate training models - Delivering engaging and highly effective trainings - Content development, including: manuals, training materials, learning aids - Measuring training/learning outcomes - Implementing ongoing development and coaching Other - Developing processes to ensure the effectiveness and scaling of small companies/departments - Project management for custom tech solutions including iOS apps and online platforms - Leadership and management of small to medium size teams
    Experience has been my greatest teacher, but I have also earned several certifications in the areas of training development and delivery, instructional design, and eLearning course authoring. ADT Master Trainer™ Program This advanced-level program covered the entire process of training delivery, including: purpose and assessment, decision making, planning and preparation, presentation and facilitation, performance and evaluation, and business metrics and reporting. ATD Master E-Learning Instructional Designer™ Program This advanced-level program focused on developing trainings that motivate, inform, change behavior, and elevate performance while ensuring training is aligned to meet business objectives and stakeholder bottom lines. ATD Articulate Storyline Certification Articulate Storyline is a robust course creation software used to create innovative and interactive e-learning experiences.

"This has been the most worthwhile professional development investment for us as a company."

Director of Systems Development

"I wish everyone [at our company] was here for this training. I've never learned so much. I want to thank Lauren and her team for all their work."

 participant, Washington, DC

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